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Solkana is dedicated to delivering terpene and cannabinoid rich hemp seeds with 99.9+% feminization and 90+% germination rates to hemp farmers across North America.


Our seedlings blossom into THC compliant, high CBD hemp flowers you’ll be proud to show off. All of our seedlings are genetically stable, terpene rich, and ready to plant.

Excellent Services

Our experts at Solkana have hands-on experience with our hemp seeds’ genetics. Call us today! Your success is our success. We value our clients and their crops.

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We Help Farmers Succeed!

High CBD Hemp Seed Genetics

We understand that a successful crop starts with the proper genetics. That’s why our research and development team works tirelessly to craft consistently impressive industrial hemp using the best possible genetics available. From the beginning, SolKana has been on the ground with our partners to develop high yielding, stunning, aromatic, high CBD hemp seeds. Our strategic partnerships allow us to combine cutting-edge research and hands-on experimentation with each high CBD hemp strain we offer. We’re proud to present the results of our labor at a fair value to our customers.

Industrial Hemp Research & Development

Solkana’s Research & Development team is like no other. Our hands-on experience with hemp seed genetics and industrial hemp farming gives us unique insights other hemp seeds suppliers just can’t offer. We work with you to ensure performance and offer valuable guidance to assist farmers in making the best decisions to meet their goals and objectives. When you work with Solkana, you get more than just excellent genetics and high CBD hemp seeds. You get access to experts who want to help you improve your return on investment. Each strain of industrial hemp has unique needs and produces its own special aesthetics, terpene and cannabinoid profiles. From seed to harvest we strive to provide all the necessary support for overall success. As the industry is seeing the emergence and growing demand for minor cannabinoids, such as CBDV, CBC, CBG etc., we are working diligently to provide farmers with access to these high value strains to work into their crop. We will keep our customers informed as new developments are made in this area.

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SolKana greenhouse full of harvested hemp

2018 Farm Bill Compliance

The 2018 Farm Bill made growing high CBD hemp seeds legal. But our research and development department has been exploring industrial hemp since research was legalized in 2014. Thanks to our team’s foresight, we can assist you in growing high CBD, low THC, 100% legal hemp. We help your farm stay within federal regulations by supplying high CBD hemp seeds and expert assistance so your crop stays under 0.3% THC.

Our Featured Products

eb abacus bud hemp flower closeup

eb abacus

The holy grail of fast growing, early finishing genetics.

merlot bud hemp flower closeup


A proven genetic to boast large yields of citrus/cherry laden flowers.

cherry bud hemp flower close up

Ultra cherry

Massive terpene profile with superb sweet sour cherries.

bluegenius bud hemp flower closeup

auto 3

A highly coveted autoflower with some of the prettiest flowers.

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