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CBD Extractors

If you send your information, including biomass lot size, location, full panel pesticide, mycotoxin, microbial and heavy metal test results as well as your COA to, we can work with you to get it sold.

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We Help Farmers Succeed!

Get Connected with Industrial Hemp CBD Extractors

At Solkana, we want to see farmers succeed. Use our resources to connect with large-scale CBD extractors. Our joint ventures offer everything from raw extract to fully finished CBD products.

We know you sought the finest high CBD and CBG genetics. You spent months growing and harvesting a spectacular yield. Don’t let your product go to waste on poor extraction methods. We give you the power to choose from CO2 extraction, steam distillation, or natural solvents.

You want purity. You want quality. We will work with you to achieve your goals.

Experience Expertise

Solkana was created by a partnership of hemp experts. Our Research and Development team is always at hand to answer any questions you have as you explore your options.

Agricultural science doesn’t stop at harvest. We take the climate, location, mycotoxin, microbial, and more into account when helping you choose how to get the most from your crop.

Whether you’re looking for a CBD extractor to obtain raw extract, or you’re determined to see your crop through product development and manufacturing, you can trust our network of experts to get you there.

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Find the Best CBD Extractor

You need top quality CBD extraction to ensure you remain compliant with the law. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Our partnerships offer full and broad spectrum extracts, full and broad spectrum distillates, and full plant terpenes. Our Research and Development team works with extractors to ensure extracts contain high levels of CBD with less than 0.3% THC.

Talk with us about terpenes, flavonoids, 0% THC extracts, carrier oils, and other factors you need to consider. We work with farmers who care about their product. Let’s see it through to perfection.

Our Featured Products

eb abacus bud hemp flower closeup

eb abacus

The holy grail of fast growing, early finishing genetics.

merlot bud hemp flower closeup


A proven genetic to boast large yields of citrus/cherry laden flowers.

cherry bud hemp flower close up

Ultra cherry

Massive terpene profile with superb sweet sour cherries.

bluegenius bud hemp flower closeup

auto 3

A highly coveted autoflower with some of the prettiest flowers.

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We continuously add new genetics to the menu with a forward focus on the minor cannabinoids.

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