Our Mission

Solkana seeks to achieve return on investment for our clients by utilizing our strategic partnerships to reduce costs and maximize farming results.


SolKana is among the leading research and development providers and high CBD hemp seed distributors for some of the largest, most reputable hemp seed genetics companies in Oregon and Colorado.

Our partnerships allow our clients to access a broad spectrum of high quality, stable genetics for their industrial high CBD hemp farms. Volume discounts allow us to transfer savings directly to local farmers.

Our experts at SolKana have hands-on experience with our hemp seeds’ genetics. We offer valuable insights to farmers with their crops to ensure the best possible harvest regardless of geographical location or climate zone.

Our joint venture partnership with CBD extraction labs allow us to provide turnkey solutions for farmers come harvest time.

Our Values

At SolKana, we center around total client care and satisfaction while working to create a more sustainable world.

Communication is at the core of SolKana. We want to ensure our clients are supported from seed to harvest.

We value innovation. At SolKana, we are experts when it comes to selecting the finest high CBD hemp seeds. Our products include cutting edge high CBD hemp seeds with proven genetics.

We support entrepreneurship. As a growing distributor, we understand the need for reliable partnerships. We take full advantage of our strategic partnerships to reduce costs and increase return on investment for local farmers.

We work for sustainability. As legalization of industrial hemp expands the market for CBD, CBG, and other hemp industries, we honor the benefits that growing and using hemp has for our planet.

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We continuously add new genetics to the menu with a forward focus on the minor cannabinoids.

Our Products & Services

From high CBD hemp seeds to client care and education, we stand behind the quality of our products and services.

We select top of the line genetics to ensure each plant is terpene rich, aromatic, and high CBD and CBG. When grown correctly, our high CBD hemp seeds become stunning green and purple crops, dense with robust hemp flowers.

Every strain is tried and tested. We specify biomass and smokability for each crop produced by our high CBD hemp seeds.

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